Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PixelJunk Eden v1.0 cracked THETA (Full Rip/2012)

DOWNLOAD: PixelJunk Eden v1.0 cracked THETA (Full Rip/2012)


PixelJunk Eden v1.0 crazy THETA (Full Rip/2012)
2012 | PC | English | Developer: Q Games | Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment | 365MB
Genre: Arcade (Platform)

PixelJunk Eden an unusual platform game, the third in a order of Q Games. You, as the dwarfish creatures will spin a thread to pass by a leap on the grass, to destroy pests and going gone ~ of their pollen. The more you regard of pollen, the more plants be able to be planted in order to induce deeper into the Garden of Eden. The purpose of either stage to collect all the useful items in the allotted time.

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