Saturday, March 10, 2012

ear Esther.v.1.0r13 (2012/Multi2/Repack by Fenixx) (updated on 28.02.2012)

DOWNLOAD: ear Esther.v.1.0r13 (2012/Multi2/Repack by Fenixx) (updated on 28.02.2012)

ear Esther.v.1.0r13 (2012/Multi2/Repack by Fenixx) (updated on 28.02.2012)

Dear Esther.v 1.0r13 (2012/Multi2/Repack through Fenixx) (updated on 28.02.2012)
2012 | PC | English/Ruissan | Developer & Publisher: thechineseroom | 717MB
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 1st Person

Desert isle ... a lost man ... memories of the mortal crash ... a book written by a expiring explorer.
Aftertwo years of development, the lengthy awaited remake of the cultindependent people of ~, Dear Esther comes out on PC. Dear Esther immersesyou in the realistic nature of deafening, a remote and lone islandsomewhere in the outer Hebrides. Once you acquire taken the first step, avoice began to appear in ~ing fragments of the letter: Dear Esther ... in the same manner beginsa journey through one of the greatest in quantity original first person games recently.Leaving the traditionary gameplay of the passage of the lay a plan, DearEsther discourages its beautiful surroundings through a spectacular music,to tell the main story of love, loss, guilt and repayment.

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